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Next-Generation Surface Technology
Made in Austria

About Aptico

With innovative interior design in mind, we created Aptico. This groundbreaking product combines sophisticated aesthetics with the latest technology to deliver excellence at every turn. Low light reflectivity due to an ultra-matt finish, a warm satin texture and anti-fingerprint properties are all part of its unique patented surface technology.

Produced to the highest standard, Aptico is highly resistant to wear and tear, using leading thermal repair technology to remove superficial micro-scratches. The material is as durable as it is luxurious.

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01 Kitchen

02 Bathroom


03 Hospitality


04 Office


05 Commercial


06 Furniture

Equally suited for horizontal and vertical applications, and for both domestic and commercial projects, it is an ideal fit for a vast array of interior endeavours. The intoxicating combination of luxury and longevity has not gone unnoticed, and Aptico is appearing around the world in prestigious designs by the leading architects and brands of this generation.

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L-FA 0075AP Dali Grau


L-FA 0702AP Hooper Blau


L-FA 0648AP Van Dyck Braun


L-FA 0080AP Kline Schwarz


01 Anti-fingerprint

02 Low light reflectivity due to an extremely matt surface


03 Matt finish with a warm texture


04 Thermal repair of superficial micro-scratches


05 Resistance to scratches and abrasions